ICC is here for you.
Let us explain how.

What is ICC?

As a result of your recent property claim your Insurance Company has sent a sample of your damaged flooring for testing in order to accurately determine the value of a Like, Kind and Quality flooring product replacement.

ICC Insurance Claims Collaborative Inc, an independent material testing company has completed this evaluation.

How will ICC work with you?

Step 1: Consultation

You will be supplied with a list of local flooring retailers on your validation report. Choose a retailer from the list and set up a consultation appointment.

Step 2: Assessment

Discuss your specific flooring replacement needs with the ICC retailer and understand all your flooring replacement options. If you have concerns about the assigned material replacement value, please discuss with the retailer and ensure you are comfortable with the value and suggested replacement products.

Step 3: Submission

The ICC Retailer will provide a quote to the insurance company based on a measured flooring quantity, validated material cost and established regional labour rates. This value will be submitted to your Insurance Company for approval.

Step 4: Completion

Once the ICC estimate is approved, the ICC retailer will communicate with you and the work can be scheduled. It is a good idea at this point to have your flooring material picked out to ensure that the replacement work can be completed as soon as possible once the claim is approved.

Sought our by Insurance Companies

ICC is enforced as a manditory proccess by many insruance companies when certain finishes become affeced. With ICC, you can rest assured that quality, professionalisn and equality is met in the minimum.

The ICC Network

In order to ensure that you receive the full and fair entitlement value, a network of professional flooring retailers has been set up in your local area to facilitate the process of replacing your floors.

Guidelines have been prepared below to ensure that you are given all the information and assistance required to make an informed decision about fair replacement value and to protect you against the potential of receiving back a flooring replacement of inferior quality.

ICC Flooring replacement Guidelines


Documented Track Record

ICC retailers will take steps to assure you that you will receive back fair quality. Once the work is complete, members of the ICC retailer network are required to disclose products sold or any upgrades to ensure that you have been treated fairly and received the proper entitlement. This document is reviewed and approved before final payment is issued.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

ICC network members are committed to providing the best service and satisfaction levels to insurance customers. A long-standing proven relationship and closely measured performance criteria ensures a top quality service level.

Extended Flooring Warrantee

The ICC retailer will ensure that you are satisfied when the work is complete and that you remain satisfied and protected if you run into a material or workmanship issue down the road. See retailer for details.


Insurance flooring replacement pricing has been pre-negotiated to provide competitive labour and material services. In the case that you upgrade your flooring, you will benefit from this same preferred pricing.