Moderno brings forward
new construction objectives
within the insurance sector
and ICC platform.


Moderno comes forward as an awarded vendor to Insurance Claims Collaborative (ICC) - Moderno is proud to bear the authorization of being a retailer of a highly recognized corporation, and continues to bring forward technologies which are setting new guidelines and regulatory ways of handling claims.

Through recognition, Moderno's involvement within the niche sector of Insurance Restoration Flooring is to implement new standards and practices. Currently, Moderno is focused on bringing new advancement in the handling of claims and validations through new implementations being instilled.


Being a Canadian retailer amongst only a few, Moderno is backed by industry leading Corporations which have signed on to work in collaboration.


Through project completions Moderno strives and continues to raise the bar to a higher standard.

Within the highly sought-out insurance restoration industry of high caliber performance that must be met, Moderno and its management have industry-backed knowledge and experience. We bring forward a swift and successful outcome in the flooring sector which is catching competition by surprise


Professional Relationships are sought out by our company,and we partner with only a selection of preferred companies.

We understand that not every working relationship can be fully compliant. As an ICC vendor - Moderno works with only industry-leading Restoration Companies whose main focus is to achieve customer satisfaction, professionalism while abiding by full IICRC standards.


Everything is done differently within Moderno. Our office is nothing like a standard working environment, nor is our process of completion.

With new technological advances comes with the ability of high efficiency, performance, and quality measures. We have developed all new platforms and systems which manage, schedule, alert and notify us of any project changes. Without these custom implementations, such service KPI's would not be achievable.


Moderno is within a group of companies whom have kept a 6+ year 100% injury free track record.


Our suggestion within our preferred accounts is simple; "notify of a new project, advise of desired completion date, and let us do the rest".

We are here to perform, with a team of highly experienced and industry knowledgeable individuals. Moderno is setting new highs for the Insurance Flooring Industry. Industry standard Material Selection forms and Customer Surveys are just one small item which comes standard with each claim - from our view, a project is not complete until our clients and companies in the partnership are 100% satisfied.